BlackBerry Dominates Corporate Smartphones

The BlackBerry smartphones continue to be the choice of corporate users, according to a report by ChangeWave. The corporate IT spending survey indicated nearly three-in-four respondents (73%) cited Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the popular BlackBerry devices, as their company’s smartphone.

The Blackberry ranks second with a Very Satisfied rating of 47%, though the survey notes this represents an unusually large 8-pt decline from the previous measure. Palm receives its lowest corporate satisfaction rating in a ChangeWave survey yet, with only 10% of corporate users saying their company is Very Satisfied with the Palm Treo. Tobin Smith said that there are many corporate customers are very satisfied with the RIM Blackberry smartphone, which may mean there’s a problem brewing for the Canadian manufacturer.

RIM (77%) is the dominant leader in planned corporate buying of smartphones - having jumped 3-pts since the previous survey in November to the 2nd Quarter. Apple (11%) is second, down 3-pts from its previous high. Palm (8%), Motorola (7%) and Samsung (4%) have each experienced a 2-pt decline in terms of planned corporate buying, with each company registering its lowest level of the past year.


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